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Semarang adalah ibukota Provinsi Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Kota ini terletak sekitar 466 km sebelah timur Jakarta, atau 312 km sebelah barat Surabaya.Kota Semarang dapat ditempuh dengan perjalanan darat, laut, dan udara. Semarang dilalui jalur pantura yang menghubungkan Jakarta dengan kota-kota di pantai utara Pulau Jawa. Angkutan bus antarkota dipusatkan di Terminal Terboyo. Angkutan dalam kota dilayani oleh bus kota, angkot, dan becak. Pada tahun 2009 mulai beroperasi Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), sebuah moda angkutan massal meskipun tidak menggunakan jalur khusus seperti busway di Jakarta.

berikut daftar video wisata yang dapat anda lihat dan juga petunjuk jalan arah ke lokasi wisata :


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Semarang is the capital of Central Java province, a city of about - + 2000jt soul and known by its famous football club PSIS Semarang, has some attractions. if you visit Semarang and want to try lah traveled several attractions in the city this spring rolls.

 The following is a list of places of attractions in Semarang ;

 - Lawang Sewu 
 - Wonderia
 - Sampokong 
 - ZOO Mangkang
 - GOA Kreo
 - Jatibarang Reservoir
 - BEACH Maron
 - Sidomukti
 - Gedong Songo Temple
 - Semirang 
 - Siwarak 
 - BEACH SI Cats 

      on the list of attractions on top of the familiar is often heard people are sewu mace. with traveled we are not only able to eliminate all the busyness of our daily fatigue but jg could help in the sector of local economic development, so berwisatalah. and also a tourist attraction in the city of Semarang is equally good with tourism in other large cities such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung etc. so I created a blog article about tourism in the city of Semarang, may be useful.

       As the capital city of East Java who have busy high enough, then when visiting Surabaya either in business or work assignments or other purposes need a little distraction or entertainment that can refresh the brain. Here we make the article  a list of tourist attractions in Surabaya  which can be a destination for your vacation and travel. The most interesting sights in Surabaya and a frequent visitor as a tourist option. 

Sign in Surabaya travel;

Of the various  tourist attractions in the city of Surabaya and surrounding areas  over distances between locations or attractions are not too far away, and even then all the places can be achieved by public transport or private vehicles with ease. Travel terlalau Surabaya also not far to place  East Java travel  more, for example by  Tourism Malang  took about 2 hours driving,  Tourism Bromo   ( Gunung Bromo ) takes 3 hours driving,  Tourism Kediri  (Kelud), it took about 2.5 hours,  Banyuwangi Tourism  took about 7-8 hours and Tourism Jember took 5 hours.

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Waroeng Semawis

Waroeng Semawis
Waroeng Semawis
Waroeng Semawis atau yang dikenal juga dengan Pasar Semawis merupakan pasar malam populer yang terletak di kawasan pecinan, Semarang. Pasar Semawis yang hanya buka malam hari pada hari Jumat, Sabtu dan Minggu ini menyediakan banyak hidangan lezat khas nusantara dan oriental.
Bagi pengunjung muslim, sebaiknya lebih berhati-hati karena sebagian makanan di tempat wisata kuliner ini berbahan daging babi. Selain sebagai tempat wisata kuliner, Pasar Semawis juga menjadi lokasi penjual mainan anak-anak, pakaian dan aksesoris menggelar dagangannya.

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Lawang Sewu is a landmark in Semarang , Central Java , Indonesia . The building of the colonial era is famous as a haunted house , although the city government of Semarang has sought to rebrand it . The name Lawang Sewu is from Java ; it means " Thousand Doors ". The name comes from the design , with many doors and bow . The building has about 600 large windows . layout Layout This complex consists of several buildings , two major named A and B and two smaller named C and D , at Jalan Pemuda L -shaped building A facing the roundabout monument The young .. There are two towers are the same in building A , which was originally used to store water , each with a capacity of 7,000 liters ( 1,800 US gal ). building has large windows tinted - glass and a grand staircase in the middle . There's also been a tunnel underground which connects buildings A to several other sites in the city , including the governor's house and harbor Building B is located behind the building A . It is three stories high , with two floors first consists of office and the third holds banquet facilities . The building , with high , large windows , also has a basement floor that kept partially flooded to serve to cool the building through evaporation . In front of building A stands a monument to the five employees were killed in the War of Independence of Indonesia . history Blueprint for Building B A building in the early 1900s an Lawang Sewu designed by C. Citroen , from the firm of JF Klinkhamer and BJ Quendag . Construction began in 1904 with a building , which was completed in 1907. The rest of the complex was completed in 1919, was originally used by Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij , company Train first in the Dutch East Indies . After the Japanese invaded Indonesia in 1942 , the Japanese army took over Lawang Sewu . The basement of the building and turned into a prison , with some of the executions occurred there . When Semarang recaptured by the Dutch in the battle Semarang in October 1945 , forces the Dutch to use the tunnel that leads to the building A to sneak into town battle ensued , with many fighters Indonesia dying . Five employees who worked there were also killed . After the war , the Indonesian military took over the complex . He then returned to the railway companies nationwide . In 1992 it was declared a property Culture Indonesia . In 2009 the complex Lawang Sewu are in a state of dilapidation that is quite Simon Marcus Gower , writing in The Jakarta Post , noting it as a " dark and obviously sick white walls Its faded throughout ; .. Blackened by pollution and neglect . wall given cracked and paper walls had long fallen away to reveal a brick red underneath . Mould and weeds grow over many buildings and rats and mice are residents of the main . " The building soon undergo renovations to ensure that it would be beneficial as an object tour Central Java Governor Bibit Waluyo deployed several dozen soldiers to help with the renovation .; soldiers focused on the improvement of the external . Locals disappointed in the renovation , opining that they have lost their authenticity . On July 5 , 2011, the complex was renovated inaugurated by First Lady Ani Yudhoyono . However , at that time only the building and available for tours . It is expected to attract a major in the program of tourism government of Central Java in 2013. Future plans include changing the Building B to the office space , food court , and even a gym . At the end of 2013 city ​​government Semarang announced plans to eliminate " picture spooky " building in order to attract more visitors . It is to include a reimagining of the site as a place for social activities and cultural , which is supported by the renovation of the building . At that time , Lawang Sewu attractive price -rata 1,000 visitors each day , which often arise basement of the building B , said dihantu i kuntilanak Lawang Sewu said to be haunted, with many tourists visiting to see ghosts . Among the ghosts are reported to inhabit the establishment is a Dutch woman who committed suicide in and " ghost headless ". A space side of the building in 2007 , a film of horror called Lawang Sewu ( Lawang Sewu : Kuntilanak the Vengeance ) released by the legend he tells the story of a group of high school students from Jakarta were trapped in Lawang Sewu after several , must urinate and the ghost feature of the Dutch woman , a man with ball and chain wrapped around his legs , and